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Bridgestone tyres – engineered to facilitate unparalleled performance

Bridgestone Turanza T001Bridgestone is acknowledged as one of the world's largest tyre manufacturer since it has provided premium quality tyres to Formula 1 top teams for years. Bridgestone's range of products consists of summer, winter and off-road tyres. All Bridgestone tyres are a perfect combination of excellent quality and great value for money, which means you can depend on them, whatever the driving conditions. One of their top products is the Ecopia low-resistance tyre, which is meant to make each vehicle more fuel-efficient.

Bridgestone tyres – benefit from the latest technology

All Bridgestone tyres are developed according to a revolutionary Run-Flat System. Tyres designated for initial equipment rely on this technology, in particular. On that note, the tyre sidewalls are strengthened; so, in the case of an accident, the car can be steered to the next safe stop when driving cautiously. In other words, if you equip your vehicle with the appropriate tyre, which comes in the right size, this will optimise your safety, as well. Make sure that you don’t overlook the importance of fitting your car’s tyres at a service. Although that isn’t free of charge, correct fitting tyres are compulsory for your safety and performance.

Bridgestone – created to meet your specific needs

When it comes to Bridgestone offers tyres in four product lines. So, for sporty drivers, we would recommend the car tyre line Potenza. As a matter of fact, the Potenza tyres have already won the award "highly recommended" at numerous tests. Meanwhile, the line Touranza meets the specific requirements of the touring car segment. These Bridgestone tyres offer full control and a smooth ride in all driving situations. For off-road driving, the product line Dueler offers high-quality tyres especially suited to SUV needs. Dueler tyres are fully supportive of a sporty way of driving and provide full support at higher speed, too!

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