Tyre damage

Your tyres can take tyre damage in many ways, but most typically you’ll suffer a puncture, sidewall impact, or uneven wear. Following the correct procedure after your vehicle receives tyre damage can help ensure your safety, and save your money.

Damaged tyres can fail at any given time, so it is highly advisable you seek a tyre replacement as soon as possible. Order online at etyres.ng and we will deliver to your doorstep.

Impact damage or a rim crush are the most common causes of tyre removal, whilst punctures and cuts to the tread or sidewall can lead to a tyre failure. After your tyre has suffered an impact it’s advisable you have it checked at a reputable tyre dealer to see if it is still roadworthy.

Other factors to consider in tyre damage are: ageing damage, fitting damage, a design fault, rapid wear, under or over inflation, and penetration damage. You should regularly check your tyres for uneven wear, and the right tread depth, to make sure they are fit for use on the road.